Surviving at Home when Baby is sick and off the nursery: Tips from a Mom Who’s Been There

baby on hipseat with mother


Being stuck at home with a sick baby can be challenging for any parent. When my daughter Gloria was sent back from the nursery with a fever, I found myself facing five days of constant care and attention. Trapped at home, playing nurse to a tiny tyrant who’s simultaneously clingy and feisty, I have yet lived to tell the tale. And the hero of my story? None other than the humble hipseat, which enabled me to keep Gloria comfortable and entertained throughout.

The Hipseat to Save Your Back

The hipseat quickly became my best friend during those long days at home. Unlike traditional baby carriers, the hipseat allowed me to carry Gloria comfortably without straining my back or shoulders. Its ergonomic design provided excellent support, even during extended periods of use.

Convenience and Comfort Combined

One of the biggest challenges of caring for a sick baby is the constant need for attention. With the hipseat, I could easily transition between holding Gloria close when she needed comfort and allowing her to explore and play when she felt better once the paracetamol had worked its magic. The ease of putting on and taking off the hipseat meant that I could adapt to Gloria’s changing needs without any hassle.

Peaceful Naps Anywhere, Anytime

Let’s talk naps. Those elusive snippets of time when you can finally kick back, put your feet up, and… oh wait, there’s a baby on you. Traditional carriers may leave you feeling like a pretzel, unable to move for fear of waking the sleeping dragon on your chest. But fear not, for the hipseat is here to save the day once again! With its ergonomic design and leg-friendly seating, I could finally enjoy a peaceful nap without sacrificing my own comfort. Unlike traditional carriers where babies’ legs are restricted, the hipseat allowed Gloria to nap comfortably on my lap while I remained seated. This meant I could take a break and relax while still keeping a close eye on her.

Embracing Moments of Bonding

Despite the challenges, being stuck at home with Gloria gave us plenty of opportunities to bond and connect. Whether it was cuddling up on the couch or exploring the world around us, the hipseat made it easy for us to enjoy these special moments together.


Let’s face it: when your baby turns into a mini-meerkat, constantly wanting to be held, it’s easy to feel like you’re about to lose your marbles. But fear not, for the hip seat is here to save the day! Unlike those clunky carriers that require a degree in origami to put on, the hip seat is your one-handed ticket to freedom. Slip it on, plop your little one on your hip, and voila! You’re ready to conquer the world (or at least your living room). For me, the hip seat was a lifesaver during those five days with Gloria, allowing us to navigate through the ups and downs of her illness with ease and comfort. So, if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, remember to keep calm, stay patient, and don’t forget to grab your hip seat!

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